A large problem today for student is large classroom sizes. Struggling students are unable to get the specialized learning they need to succeed.


The strategy behind Coltivate is to connect these students with future teaching candidates who need to gain experience in the field.

Struggling Student

Students have trouble learning in the traditional school environment for many reasons, including a lack of indiviualized learning style due to large classroom sizes.

Future Teacher

Students studying a degree in education are expected to gain experience in the field by engaging and creating activities for students.

Struggling Student

Educators want to provide all their students with real-life experience in the teaching field, but it can be a complex undertaking

“When I am getting behind in class, I want a way to get a personalized learning experience, so I can succeed in class.”
-SAM, 12

parent assessment

Parents fill out an initial assessment to better understand child needs.


my lessons

The lessons page shows all lessons including ongoing and completed, and progress for each.

my workbook

Students do their work as they normally would on paper, then submit it to their teacher.

lesson submitted

The teacher will look over the submitted work and questions, and will give feedback to the student.

“I need more teaching experience, so I gain credit towards my education degree.”
JEN, 21

find a student

Teachers can filter by subject or grade to find the experience they are looking for.


The teacher homepage will show any student updates, and quick access to your students learning style results. 

create lesson

Teachers can create slides within the app, or upload their own slides.


submit lesson

Once a lesson is fully completed, teachers will submit the lesson as well as their feedback to students to their professor.

“Connecting students to teaching opportunities is a complex task for me. I need a way for my students to build experience that I can also review and keep track of.”
– Professor smith